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Teaching is Heart Work


Teachers continue to show up every day from the time our children are dropped off to the time they’re back home safely in our arms. While there have been many challenges along the way, Lobo Staff and Teachers are committed to ensuring our children have the tools they need to reach their full potential.

Times have been tough, but our teachers are tougher. Now it’s time to celebrate the daily sacrifices teachers make for every child. For many of them, teaching is heart work. Teachers do it all for the children and youth they encounter each year.

During Teacher Appreciation Week, we will honor them for going beyond the call of duty to make a positive impact on our children’s learning and development.

From the Zoom calls, text messages and PTA meetings, to the emails, parent-teacher conferences and work they review—teachers touch hearts of our students in a special way and make a lasting difference on their lives.



Teachers and Staff shared a few of their FAVORITE THINGS with the PTA this year.

Get to know your favorite Lobo Elementary teachers and staff members a little better

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